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Thank you, for visiting my site! If you are here seeking to manifest success, money, more clients, improved health or better flow overall, you’re in the right place. Setting up your home and office properly, with Time and Space Feng Shui attracts synchronicities. You will find you are in the right place at the right time. Each year brings a new flow, and you can maximize the positive energy while minimizing the negative using Diamond Feng Shui (meaning Time and Space Feng Shui). It’s like acupuncture for your home. It’s fun and effective to make the needed changes, and then feel the difference as your life shifts for the better! I studied with world-renowned Feng Shui Master Marie Diamond and continue to be amazed as my life continues to unfold with higher levels of transformation.

There are 3 areas that contribute to success in life: to success in life: HUMAN LUCK (our thoughts, feelings and actions, HEAVENLY LUCK (our gifts, talents, and spiritual practices like prayer and meditation) and EARTH LUCK (Feng Shui, the physical environment including colors, images, furniture, flowers and things we place around us.) 

The energy flow in our home or office. This energy flow was observed by the Chinese for thousands of years. The wealthy Chinese rulers used it to protect their wealth and influence, and kept this knowledge for themselves.Today, many people are aware of Feng shui, but may not know how to use Time and Space Feng Shui, Time and Space Feng Shui is one of the secrets of the Law of Attraction that I would LOVE to support you with. I will look at the energy flow of your home or office and show you exactly what to do increase the flow in the positive areas and place cures in the areas that have less positive flow for you.  Feng Shui Consultation.

Feng Shui Consultation

The first step to a Feng Shui Consult, is to talk about your goals, dreams and what might be holding you back. I want to know about your problems and challenges. Fill out the questionnaire provided.Then we schedule a zoom call. The initial call is FREE, and has the purpose of getting to know you, answer your questions, and offer you 3 free tips. 

The Feng Shui consult begins with understanding your goals, dreams and obstacles. During our time together, I provide you with strategies that attract success and good fortune in every area of your life, using the amazing principles of Feng Shui. To get started, go to the consultation page and send the floor plan of your home or office, along with the date of birth of everyone living in the home. Next, we set up a date and time to visit your place.

Then I visit your home or office, in person or virtually, via a zoom call. After visiting your place I will give you tips about the placement of your furniture like the bed, table, chair, etc., and recommend the colors, shapes and images that support your unique goals and dreams. I’ll find the energy blocks that are holding you back, and find ways to cure or minimize the negativity that is getting in your way.

After visiting your place, I make recommendations for your unique situation. After the consult is finished, you will get a detailed written report along with my comments about your place. This will help every person living in your home or office

Time and Space Feng Shui

When I do Feng Shui consultation at your place, I look into the energy flow and tell you about the blockages that hold you back. I work based on what I see and make recommendations that bring you the best results, working with the things you already have. 

There are a couple of exceptions: chimes and fountains. These are very useful for up-leveling the energy flow in your home, and I’ll explain exactly where and why to place them, when I see how things flow in your home or office. 

Being trained by Feng Shui Master Marie Diamond, I use the dynamic elements of Time and Space for every consultation. I take a deeper look at your home or office. For example, the direction your home is facing, corresponding with the 20 year cycle used by the ancient Chinese people. By doing both time and space Feng Shui I show you the cures to the negative energies in your home and show you how to maximize the positive ones. 

Additionally, I give you tips for the current year. The flow for each year is different, so it’s important to align your environment according to the energy flow of the current year, as well as the 20-year cycle. This powerful tool assists you to attract success, money, romance, and joy into your life. When I come, I show you how to make your home into a 3-D Vision Board!


There is another treatment called Dowsing. This is included with the full Feng Shui consultation, or as a separate treatment. Dowsing combined with Feng Shui is a powerful healing tool, that raises the vibration of your home. It cures the geopathic stress, harmful electromagnetic fields, and much more. It allows the immune system to function normally, helps you to focus, and brings in financial flow. So it supports a healthy and happy life for years to come.

In the Dowsing session, I find the energy disturbances and place cures in your home or office. I can also do this from a distance and mail the cures to you. Once the cures are placed, you will feel an immediate energy shift. This literally supports you to achieve your goals and your dreams by raising your brain waves to a higher level. In simple terms, Dowsing optimizes the energy flow for your success and health.

On-site Consultation

When you are in the Albuquerque area and wish to make an on-site consultation, then I will visit your place whether home or office and take a look. Then give you full personalized reports about the energy flow and blockages at your place and recommend better suggestions for you.

Distance Consultation

If you are outside the Albuquerque/Santa Fe area, I visit you via a Zoom call. Once you have decided to work with me, you send me your floor plan along with your payment. Then we set up a time and date. On the chosen date, you’ll give me a virtual tour of your home or office. Then I send you your report showing you the energy flow, blockages, and recommendations.

Coaching Calls

You can also request one-on-one coaching sessions that will help you to reach your goals and dreams. This is a one-hour session focused on one particular area of your life, whether it be money, goals, health, relationships, or personal development, in whatever area you feel stuck. During the coaching session, I listen and provide insights and make recommendations based on Feng Shui or energy principles, to improve your life.

Request a coaching call here.

How to make the consultation

To make the accurate consultation you provide me the floor plan and birth date of all people living in the home.

Step 1: Go to my Scheduler to set up a time for an initial consultation. Email your floor plan to me at [email protected].

Step 2: While on the call, we set up a mutually agreeable time and date for the onsite or the online Feng Shui and Dowsing consultation.

You will have a second optional way to follow-up via Zoom Call to ask questions with clarification. You can also send me emails throughout the year, and make sure that you are getting your desired results.

In addition, you will also receive my newsletter for periodic updates and event invitations.

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