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Hello there!  I’m glad you made it here!  If you’re looking for greater fortune, financial abundance, better relationships, or better health, it would be my honor to support you in achieving these goals.  I am a Feng Shui Consultant who trained and continues to study with the world-renowned Marie Diamond.  The work I do is guided by the teachings of Marie Diamond.  She is highly regarded as an expert around the world, and I receive my inspiration from her, as well as my own intuition.

Our environment accounts for 33% of our good fortune in this life, so why not harmonize your environment to attract what you really want?  It would be my honor and joy to support you in attracting personal transformation, financial abundance or healing.

Feng Shui Consultations

In a Feng Shui consultation, I visit your home or office, either in person or online.  I look at your environment and see how the energy flows through the home,  according to the ancient principles that the Chinese people have known for thousands of years.  I give tips for the placement of your bed, your desk, your furniture in the living room, and your dining room.  I look at the colors, shapes, and images you have around you.  I look at both positive flowing energy, and energy blocks, and I make recommendations that I consider best for your personal situation.

Prior to the consultation, you send me your floor plan and your date of birth.  With this information, I get to work on your personalized plan, and we will set a date for a Home Tour, either in person or online.

After the consult, you receive a detailed written report, in addition to the comments I make as I observe your home or office setting.  It includes recommendations for each person in the home, and each area of a person’s life:  Success, Relationships, Health, and Wisdom.

If you’re ready, you can click on the link, and we’ll talk more about what this means for you, and if you’re a good fit for my Feng Shui Consult.  Just click on the link to get started.  Are you ready to get started?

Time and Space Feng Shui

When I do Feng Shui in your home or office, I look at how the energy flows, and tell you what is blocking your success in a particular area. I make recommendations based on what I see. I do my best to work with what you already have, rather than making unnecessary purchases.

Because of my specialized training with Marie Diamond, I take into consideration both time and space.  I look at the location of your home, which way it faces, and how that all corresponds to the 20-year cycles that were observed by the ancient Chinese.  As I do both time and space Feng Shui, I will show you how to cure the negative energy and how to maximize the positive energy.

In addition, I give you up-to-date tips for the current year.  Each year the flow is different, so it’s very powerful to align your environment according to the energy of the current calendar year, as well as the 20-year cycle.  Knowing how the energy flows in the current year is a powerful tool to attract your financial abundance or romance.  It’s like arranging your home to meditate for you 24/7!

On Site

If you are in the Albuquerque area and wish an onsite consultation, I will visit your office, home or business, I give you a full and personalized evaluation of your energy flow and blockages, and offer concrete suggestions for you.

In a full Feng Shui consultation, I include dowsing. I find and cure energy disturbances in the physical environment. Together, Feng Shui and Dowsing treatments work as a powerful combo to improve the energy flow in your home. Once done, you will have created a healthy and happy space for years to come!

For the Dowsing Cures,  I explain where to place the cures, and you will place them along the edge of the room,  where indicated.  With Dowsing, you will feel the energy shift immediately!  The entire treatment works to optimize the natural energy flow in your space so that your life flows easily towards your goals and dreams.



If you are outside of the Albuquerque/Santa Fe area, we do a Zoom Call.  You give me a Tour of your Home or Office.  You send me a floor plan, along with your payment, once you decide to work with me.  Afterwards, I give you a personalized written report of the energy flow and blockages, and then offer recommendations for maximizing the positive and curing the negative, so that you are quickly attracting your goals and dreams.

I need your birth date and a floor plan, to do the most accurate reading possible.

Step 1: Go to my Scheduler and set up a time for an initial consult. Email your floor plan to me at

Step 2: While on the call, we set up a mutually agreeable time and date for the onsite or the online Feng Shui and Dowsing consultation.

After the Consultation

You receive a detailed written report with recommendations.  You have a second follow-up consultation (optional) via zoom, to ask questions for clarification.  You also can e-mail me for a full year, to ask your questions and make sure you are getting the results that you desire.  Ready to get started?   Request a consultation today.  Thank-you!

In addition, you will also receive my newsletter for periodic tips, updates, invitations to events.

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