The Feng Shui of Personal Transformation

The Feng Shui of Personal Transformation


Connie’s latest book, The Feng Shui of Personal Transformation, is now available in print!  You can order on Amazon, or come to one of her book-signing events.  

If you’re looking for an inspiring gift for the holidays, consider Connie’s book.  It’s something you could give to many of your entrepreneurial friends,  or those seeking their Life Purpose.  It’s a quick read, sure to please, and the price is right.

The book could even be a gift to yourself.  If you feel stuck in a job you don’t love, if you are no longer  inspired by what you do, and are wondering what’s next for you, Connie’s book could be the light at the end of the tunnel that could inspire new directions in your life.  Give yourself the gift of inspiration, The Feng Shui of Personal Transformation.



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Thriving Entrepreneur

In this short read Kathy Kidd shares another group of amazing people as they share their stories about what it means to them to live as a thriving entrepreneur. Let’s face it entrepreneurship is hard. As Jennifer Kem says in the foreword, “Entrepreneurship is the most courageous choice someone can make. It requires grit and grace, heart and hustle, and testing and failing and suc-ceeding. Most of all, it requires resilience and liv-ing intentionally every day. Easier said than done? Yes. Worth it? YES.”

Kathy Kidd asks, “What will you do with your opportunity”
Ancleah Gamble share the story of “Passing It On” how she helped her children learn how to be entrepreneurs
Rodney Lawson wants you to know “The Headline of Your Life is Success!” and encourages you to know that you are a success
Noreen N Henry tells the story “My Journey of Parallel-preneur Towards Entrepreneur”, both the struggle and victories she faced through the transition of becoming the full-time entrepreneur she wanted to be in life.
Dionne Garvin wants you to know about “Prospering in Life” and how to live your best most authentic self in all that you do
Monica Reed encourages you to “Say Yes to Your Next Step”. To be looking for the the opportunity to truly live out your purpose every step of your lives journey.
Connie Knudson talks about going from Depressed & Stuck to Financial Abundant as she shares the “The Feng Shui of Personal Transformation”
And Last the host of radio show Thriving Entrepreneur Steve Kidd, encourages you to “Just Show Up”. To be the best version of yourself and show up fully in all that you do.

This book is for entrepreneurs, parallel-preneurs and even people who never thought they would want to be an entrepreneur. As Kathy Kidd says choose your next steps. “Begin to make progress today, because the oppor-tunity is there, now!” This opportunity is waiting for you.

Your story matters. Make it a good one!

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